Answers to some frequently asked questions


Will there need to be new hydrogen gas standards for Hy4Heat?

Yes, IGEM, the Institiution of Gas Engineers & Managers, has been appointed to develop hydrogen standards for the Hy4Heat programme (WP2). IGEM will be reviewing all relevant existing standards and bringing together a group of technical specialists to identify knowledge gaps, both in the UK and internationally.

Three IGEM working groups will look at: DSEAR (dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres regulations), materials, leakage rate and ventilation; appliance location, fluing, installation and air supply; and installation.

IGEM will be delivering this together with industry partners DNV GL, Global Energy Associates, Health & Safety Laboratory, Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC) and ICOM Energy Association.

Will there need to be new certification for hydrogen appliances?

The objective of WP3 is to develop an agreed standard for notified, testing and certification bodies to use when testing and certifying appliances developed within the Hy4Heat programme, and for manufacturers to use when developing manufacturer’s instructions. The standard is to be used primarily on the Hy4Heat programme, but the aim is that it can form the basis for wide-scale standardisation of hydrogen-fuelled appliances. The standard should be developed for:

  • EU notified bodies on the testing and certification of hydrogen-fuelled and hydrogen/natural gas dual-fuelled or convertible appliances, including: boilers; cookers; fires and innovative hydrogen appliances
  • the appliance manufacturers (taking part in WP4 of the Hy4Heat programme) for the installation, operating and servicing requirements for their appliances