Work package overview

The Hy4Heat team oversees the programme and technical management (work package 1) of all the other various work packages. All the work packages combined make up the Hy4Heat programme.

image/svg+xml Appliance certification Community trial preparation Hydrogen quality standards HYDROGEN Demonstration trial Safety assessment Programme & technical management Meters Commercial appliances Industrial appliances Domestic appliances

Programme overview

image/svg+xml 2018 2019 2020 2021 Hy4Heat ends Possible Community Trial WP1&9 PMC Managing WPs in preparation for a Community Trial WP2 Quality and standards WP7 Safety and risk assessment WP3 Development of appliance certification WP4 Development of certified domestic appliances and WP10 Metering development WP8 Demonstration trials Potential industrial appliance development WP6 Industrial appliances Understanding the market Potential commercial appliance development WP5 Commercial appliances Understanding the market