Answers to some frequently asked questions


What domestic appliances are being developed for use with hydrogen gas?

The largest work package in Hy4Heat programme (WP4) is for the development of a range of domestic hydrogen appliance types including:

  • boilers
  • cookers
  • fires
  • innovative domestic hydrogen gas appliances

The objective of WP4 is to produce prototype appliances which can demonstrate safe use of hydrogen as a fuel in providing domestic heating, hot water and cooking requirements.

When will the first prototype appliances be available for demonstration?

The prototype appliances developed will be used for in Hy4Heat's demonstrations (WP8). This is likely to be from approximately April 2020 through to March 2021.

When you say ‘like for like’ appliances, ‘hydrogen ready’ appliances, ‘adaptable’ appliances and ‘dual fuel’ appliances – what do these phrases mean?

• ‘Like for like’ describes appliances that have existing reference appliance that uses natural gas

• ‘Hydrogen ready’ refers to appliances that are optimally designed to run on hydrogen, but initially configured to run on natural gas. These appliances then may require a minimum number of components to be changed at the point of switchover but will have been specifically developed to facilitate this process

• ‘Adaptable’ refers to the replacement of a minimum numbers of key components within existing natural gas appliances to allow them to run on hydrogen

• ‘Dual-fuel’ refers to the ability to interchange between gas types without the need to change over components

We’re using the same definitions as the BEIS-commissioned report: ‘Appraisal of Domestic Hydrogen Appliances’ by Frazer-Nash Consultancy, 2018