Our mission is to establish if it is technically possible, safe and convenient to replace natural gas (methane) with hydrogen in residential and commercial buildings and gas appliances. This will enable to government to determine whether to proceed to community trial.

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Latest updates


We have reissued the WP5 ITT with the deadline for receiving bids having been extended to 27 September 2019 (on pages 2, 7, 19 and 20) and the deadline for receipt of milestone 1 submissions, for appliance development, being extended to 10 February 2020 (on pages 14, 27 and 29). These are the only changes to the ITT. We have also reissued the second set of clarification questions, following the revision of the answer provided for Q35.

August 2019, Newsletter 06

The latest Hy4Heat quarterly newsletter, with updates and news from the programme.

WP5B webinar - to assist anyone entering WP5B ITT

A short presentation video for those considering applying to be part of the competition to develop commercial hydrogen appliances, boiler cascade systems, and ancillary components.

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Download the hy4heat storyboard

You’re welcome to use our storyboard A3 infographic which explains the Hy4Heat programme. Contact us if you’d like copies of this, or copies of our latest progress report.

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