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20 December, Hy4Heat Progress Report published

The Progress Report is a review of the past year’s activity undertaken by the Hy4Heat programme.

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10 December, Hy4Heat presented at cop24, katowice

The UK’s Hy4Heat programme featured at COP24 in Katowice Poland. This is the 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). BEIS, supported by members of the Hy4Heat team, gave a presentation on the UK’s potential decarbonisation pathways.

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Hy4Heat Programme Manager Heidi Genoni’s presentation to the IGEM 2018 conference is the basis of the article in this month’s IGEM magazine

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Element Energy Ltd has been appointed to produce research report on understanding industrial appliances for the Hy4Heat programme

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24 october 2018, eRM appointed to wp5

Environmental Resources Management (ERM) has been appointed to produce research report on the feasibility of converting commercial sector appliances from natural gas to hydrogen

8 October 2018, IGEM appointed to develop new hydrogen standards

IGEM will be reviewing all relevant existing standards and bringing together a group of technical specialists to identify knowledge gaps, both in the UK and internationally

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31 August 2018, online WP4 webinar presentation

This short presentation is intended to help those interested in applying to be part of WP4 competition to develop domestic hydrogen appliances

31 August 2018, ITT for domestic hydrogen appliance development (WP4)

This small business research initiative (SBRI) competition focuses on the development of domestic hydrogen appliances to demonstrate the safe use of hydrogen as a fuel in providing domestic heating, hot water and cooking requirements. It aims to provide critical evidence of end use application, safety, in-use emissions, and functionality. The appliance types to be developed are boilers (combination and regular/system), cookers (stand-alone hobs, stand-alone ovens with grills and integrated freestanding cookers), fires (standard and mid-range) and innovative domestic hydrogen appliances

7 August 2018, Engagement event on domestic hydrogen appliance certification (WP3)

This session explains our planned approach to testing and certifying hydrogen appliances. There’s the chance for multidisciplinary discussions and the opportunity to discuss

26 July 2018, Understanding commercial and industrial appliances (WP5&6) ITT

BEIS intends to appoint a contractor(s) to deliver comprehensive research reports on the feasibility of converting commercial sector appliances (Lot 1) and industrial heat generation (Lot 2) from natural gas to hydrogen. This will require full characterisation of the market and identification of any knowledge gaps and barriers to conversion that may need to be addressed. They will inform consideration of whether further evidence, potentially in the form of practical testing, will be required to demonstrate that these sectors can be successfully converted as part of demonstrating and de-risking the use of hydrogen for heat in UK homes and businesses

22 June 2018, PIN for understanding commercial and industrial appliances (WP5&6)

We’ve issued the public information notice for work packages 5 & 6 and expect to issue the ITT for these work packages in the coming weeks

15 June 2018, hydrogen gas appliances engagement event

This event outlines the procurement approach for work package 4. It’s a chance to hear the industry’s feedback and comments on issues such as cost, timescales and marketing approaches, etc. World café style discussion stalls enable informal conversations and encourage networking

3 April 2018, Hydrogen quality standard (WP2) engagement event

An industry engagement event looking at hydrogen quality standards, assessing hydrogen purity, testing gas odorants and reviewing colourisation options

16 March 2018, Stakeholder engagement event

A full-day engagement event, introducing the Hy4Heat with presentations from BEIS, Hy4Heat programme team. Roundtable discussions with industry colleagues and networking opportunities

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26 January 2018, HY4HEAT prior information notice issued

BEIS published a PIN to cover the majority of Hy4Heat work packages



25 November 2018 Newsletter 03

This newsletter gives the final update of the programme’s various work packages for the year. It also includes news about the new work package 10: developing gas hydrogen meters and the engagement event on 14 December 2018

31 August 2018 Newsletter 02

This newsletter gives an update of the programme’s various work packages - including the ITT for WP4 and a link to an online presentation aimed at manufacturers considering applying

4 June 2018 Newsletter 01

Our first newsletter includes updates on events over the past few months and an invite to supplier engagement event 15 June 2018